About Us







AKŞİT KÜLTÜR – House of Thought and Literature is an international meeting place which wants to provide room for creativity and productivity for culture lovers and culture producers.

As an independent and transnational cultural initiative working together on innovative projects with cultural organizations and experts from all around the world we want to contribute to the rapprochement between different cultures.

By cultural exchange and transfer of knowledge we want to make the turkish culture and literature more tangible on the one hand and on the other hand we want to make other cultures and literatures, most of all the german, more well-known in Turkey.

For this purpose a multilingual resource library of 80.000 volumes is as well available as our brightly and comfortably furnished seminar rooms and study rooms, our guest rooms, our cafe and a large outside area with a garden of 3.000 m², terrace and swimming pool.

With 45.000 volumes our library accommodates the largest collection of german books in Turkey.

No matter if for for work and research purposes or for meetings or just holidays - our house offers the opportunity to work concentrated and as well to relax intensively.

In cooperation with artists, lecturers and institutions from turkey as well as from countries all around the world we organize art and culture events in our house, in the aegean region, nationwide and even worldwide.

For everyone interested in art and culture our seminar and workshop program provides all year round the opportunity to take a time out from daily routine and to improve and develop oneself combining holidays and creativity.

Our Turkish to German and German to Turkish translation services include the translation of texts concerning literature and humanities.